• Hanford Civic Auditorium
  • Hanford Chamber Foundation

  • To provide financial support for educational and community development activities and program of the Hanford Chamber of Commerce; to promote and develop the economic, civic, cultural, and social welfare of the citizens of Hanford, California through educational programs; to conduct educational programs to encourage the development of small business enterprise in Hanford, California; to establish technical education programs which will create better quality residents for employment in Hanford, California; to enhance the educational opportunities offered by school districts within Hanford, California with emphasis on community development and civic leadership; to promote the development of tourism in Hanford, California through educational programs; to promote the use of new communication technologies by business, professional and education communities in Hanford, California; and to do and perform any and all legal acts permitted nonprofit corporations necessary and/or convenient to accomplish the above-stated purposes.


  • New Business Grant

  • The New Business Grant has so far awarded $6,500 and growing to new local business. To be eligible to apply for this Grant a local business must be located in Hanford, operate with under 25 employees, and established less than five years from the application date. We open submissions in September and award the business(es) selected at the Hanford Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Membership Meeting in February. Many of the applications request to use the funds for Marketing Development. We are proud that we are now able to financially support new development in our community so they can continue to be successful. A Very special thank you to our top partner, Herb N Joy, for matching the funds and growing the impact of this Grant.

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  • JR CEO Program

  • The Hanford Chamber Foundation will be hosting its Second Annual JR CEO Program this Summer in which 12 students, ages 10-16, will learn the tools necessary to start a local business. They will participate in a four day course ending with hands on experience by promoting and selling their product during the Farmer’s Market. The course curriculum includes the Ten Steps to Start a Business, Logo Development and Marketing, Brand Development, Product Development, Selling Product and Public Speaking skills, and much more. We end the Program with a Graduation Ceremony in which all students invite their families and they share their Business Plan and are awarded their own recognition based of their individual success in the program.

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  • Board of Directors

    President of the Board
     John Umscheid, Law Offices of John Umscheid

    Jacob Sanchez, District Attorney's Office

    Chief Steve Pendergrass, Hanford Fire Department

    Jeff Garner, Kings Community Action Organization