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    Planning on opening a business in the City of Hanford?

    Those that plan to conduct business in Hanford will need a business license from the City of Hanford. Beginning January 2023, new businesses will need to register through our online self-service portal for business license applications, paying invoices and printing their business license. The self-service portal is where the customer will go for business license renewals and to apply for permits as well.

    Please note: The City of Hanford no longer accepts paper applications for business licensing.

    Once registered, a business license application can be submitted. The customer can expect the application to be reviewed within two weeks. They will receive an alert email letting them know that they have been invoiced, at which time they will need to log in to the portal to pay the invoice. The business license is available for the customer to print generally the business day after the payment is received. Most business licenses will be renewed annually and will expire December 31st each year.

    For any further questions regarding your business license and possible Home Occupancy permit, please contact the Finance Department at 559-585-2512.


  • Hanford Chamber's New Small Business Startup Toolkit

    The Hanford Chamber of Commerce has developed an additional resource to assist those interested in starting a new business in the area. We have compiled a toolkit that consists of example business plans, helpful tips, zoning map, permits and licensing applications, contact resources for City and County departments, City and County economical data, local and SBA loan and financing information, business counseling follow up with SBDC, and member resource contact information. Please call the office to schedule an appointment with Director to receive your toolkit along!! (559) 582-0483

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