• Hanford Civic Auditorium
  • 2023 Membership Drive 


  • During this week our Hanford Chamber will be focusing on all things Membership. We will be working towards growing our current membership, but will also dedicate time to Member Appreciation. If you are a current member be sure to check your email during Membership Drive Week to see what may be coming your way.


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  • New Membership Packet

    Interested in joining the Chamber, but can't attend the meeting?  Schedule a one on one appointment with our Director and she will review the benefits of our Chamber organization. We have a new Member packet with new programs, benefits, calendar of events, and more!  Please contact us to schedule your appointment today.
    Email to Schedule Appointment
    2023 Membership Packet


  • Referral Incentive for Current Members

    From now until the end of January the Hanford Chamber will be accepting referrals from current members as entry into our drawing awarding a member with free annual renewals. 2022 Winner was CVM Tax & Notary! There is no limit to how many referrals you can enter.  Each one will will equal an entry into the drawing. Only one business is allowed per entry and only members in good standing are allowed to participate in the drawing. Please fill out the form below before January 29th. Winners of the free memberships will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting on March 3rd.

    Referral Form


  • Learn About the Chamber and its Benefits / 25% off New Memberships

    We will be hosting a seminar on our Membership, Wednesday, January 25th at the City of Hanford Training Room from 9:00 - 10:00 am. Morning snacks and coffee will be provided. It is a free event! You can pre-register here. If you attend the seminar you will receive a 25% off your annual membership.  New Member registration must be completed within 30 days of your webinar in order to qualify for discount. 


  • New Benefit: Notary Service

    As of January our Executive Director/CEO, Amory Marple, has become a licensed Notary Public and will administer Notary Services through the Hanford Chamber of Commerce. Beginning 2023 all current Chamber Members will receive one notary service included with their Membership within the calendar year.  At this time we are not able to administer Notary Services for Real Estate Services or Mortgage Documents. Please contact our Chamber Office to schedule an appointment.  Appointments will be scheduled within 48 hours minimum and during the hours of Tuesday-Friday 9:00 - 12:00 pm only.

    Email to Schedule an Appointment


  • New Autodraft Pay

    Interested in breaking down annual payments to be more affordable throughout the year? Well now you can schedule re-occurring monthly payments instead of an annual lump sum to make it fit your budget!! Ask the Executive Director/CEO at the time of your registration.




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