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    This area of our Chamber website is dedicated to bill positions based off the California Chamber of Commerce.  We will share their explanation and information on supported bills and opposed bills, bills that will stimulate the economy and improve the state’s jobs climate, and bills that threaten California’s economic recovery and would hurt the ability of employers to rehire or maintain employment of California workers should they become law.  We are dedicated to getting the information out to our local businesses in case these laws and regulations may have affect on you or our community.  

    If there is a bill you'd like us to advocate to the Sate on please contact the Chamber Office to schedule an appointment to review.

    Since this page is new to the Chamber please be patient as we list all the resourceful information we see necessary to our community. Continue to check in on the progress!

  • Supported Bills

  • Independent Contractor Status. The Dynamex decision should not be a one size fits all and the professions and individuals identified in AB 5 should be exempted from its application; however, additional, similarly situated industries/professions/and independent contractors should also be included in the exemptions.

  • Increases Access to Computer Science. Ensures that future generations of California students will be better prepared to compete for high-paying, high-skilled jobs that increasingly require computer science skills by creating the California Computer Science Coordinator to coordinate statewide implementation of the Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan and make computer science curriculum available in every school.  

  • Workforce Coordination. Establishes the Business Workforce Coordination Unit which will help provide California with a workforce that is employment-ready and trained in industry sectors that have the greatest workforce needs.

  • Woody Biomass Program. Improves California’s air quality, helps minimize the risk of wildfires, reduces the amount of organic waste disposed of in landfills and creates more jobs in rural communities by creating a woody biomass collection and conversion program that would collect and convert otherwise valueless organic matter into a renewable energy source.

  • Creation of Statewide, Economic Development Strategy. California faces significant economic challenges, and this bill requires the creation of a statewide, economic development strategy that will improve California’s economic competitiveness.

  • Education Accountability. Encourages schools to prioritize both career and college preparation for students, which will help reduce dropout rates, increase graduation rates, and better prepare students for the workforce.

  • Small Business Penalty Relief. Recognizes the challenges small businesses face in implementing complex state rules by allowing adjustment of civil penalties based upon specific mitigating factors.

  • Legal Reform. Allows employers to maintain a safe workplace by prohibiting an employee who has engaged in criminal conduct from seeking reemployment.

  • Event Incentive Program. Creates a fund and associated application process for California to assist local entities or nonprofits to compete with other states to attract large events into California, promoting tourism and local businesses.

  • Opposed Bills

  • Extension of Statute of Limitations. Unnecessarily extends the statute of limitations from one year to three years for all discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

  • Waives Transparency Requirements. Contains trailer bill language that waives, without adequate justification, open meeting laws for advisory committee on cap and trade, which can result in a lack of public input and decisions being made in secret without adequate peer and public review.

  • Targeted Tax on Sweetened Beverages. Unfairly imposes a targeted excise tax on distributors of sweetened caloric beverages to fund health-related programs for all which will force distributors to reduce costs through higher prices to consumers or limit their workforce.

  • Paper Receipt Ban. Mandates most businesses in California to provide the customer with the option to opt out of any receipt at all, thereby complicating loss prevention and returns for brick-and-mortar retailers. It also mandates these same California businesses to provide only receipt paper that is BPA/BPS-free, which can cost as much as 30% more. The bill also runs afoul of the First Amendment by prohibiting what speech some businesses can provide when communicating with their customers via the receipt.

  • Headcount Tax. Punishes certain employers who create jobs and discourages hiring and employment growth by imposing a headcount tax of $275 per employee.

  • Significant Expansion of California Family Rights Act. Significantly harms small employers in California with as few as 5 employees by requiring these employers to provide 12 weeks of a protected leave of absence each year, in addition to existing leaves of absences already required, as well as potentially requiring larger employers to provide 10 months of protected leave, with the exposure to costly litigation for any alleged violation.

  • Unfair Competition. Jeopardizes taxpayer dollars, community banks, and funding for small businesses by converting the I-Bank into a depository institution. Places government in competition with private enterprise without oversight potentially resulting in collapsing an industry.

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