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Babb, Lisa Scentsy- Lisa Babb (559)836-9242 
Bailey, Jared Hanford Grocery Outlet (559)582-5771 
Bailey, Jon California State Auto Association (559)582-9071(559)584-4638 
Baker, Julie First Presbyterian Church (559)583-7482(559)582-3356 
Baker, Lisa Adventist Health Home Care & Hospice Services (559)280-0610(559)537-2862 
Ball, Cheryl Potter's Porta Potties - Lemoore Div (800)333-7689(559)738-5027 
Banister, Steve Steve Banister (559)583-8790(559)583-8379 
Barba, Hector Beto's on Wheels (559)584-0123 
Barba, Tony Barba, Tony (559)582-3211(559)585-8047 
Barberick, Jackie Paws & Claws Fundraising (559)582-2029 
Barry, Mike Hanford Breakfast Lions (559)582-8199 
Barth, Garrett Lowes (559)410-9000 
Bartkus, Danielle Karing 4 Kids Foster Family Agency (559)583-9500(559)583-9506 
Bebout, PT, Richard All Sports Therapy Athletic Rehab. (559)582-9323(559)582-0249 
Bell, Jim Central Valley Culligan (559)233-3055(559)233-3230 
Benavidez, Epy Cal Viva Heath (559)445-8706(559)441-1320 
Benevento, Tony Service Master by Benevento (559)582-7267(559)625-5080 
Bennett, Gary Bennett & Bennett Irrigation (559)896-0200(559)582-1223 
Benton, John Lemoore Christian Aid (559)924-2229 
Bernstein, Philip Hanford Commodities Company (805)969-7861(559)582-3616 
Bertaina, Candy Kings Symphony Orchestra (559)582-8655(559)000-0000 
Bertaina, Mike Board President (559)707-1263 
Bettencourt, David Hanford Commodities Company (559)582-9086(559)582-3616 
Blackwood, Dana CITI Bank (559)584-3314(559)582-8660 
Blagg, Mary Potter's Porta Potties - Lemoore Div (559)924-0618(559)924-2309 
Bloyd, John First Command Financial Planning (559)924-7733(559)924-7740 
Bogan, Steve Burris Park Foundation (559)639-3559 
Borrayo, Michele El Pollo Loco (559)584-7265(559)584-7389 
Bowers, Tim Kings County Office of Education (559)584-1441(559)589-7000 
Boyd, Jim Hanford Breakfast Lions (559)707-5301 
Brakeman, Bret Brakeman Tech (559)584-3773 
Brakeman, Bret ART Print Service (559)584-8815(559)584-8628 
Brazil, Jeannine GIGI's Boutique (559)362-3346 
Bressler, Tracy Bressler & Company (559)924-1225 
Brieno, Eddie Brieno, Eddie - Bail Bonds (559)585-1000(559)582-9780 
Broaddus, Ed Ed Broaddus Insurance (559)584-3902(559)584-8496 
Brooks, Vicky Cal's Catering (559)584-5656(559)584-6652 
Brown, Carolyn CITI Bank (559)584-3314(559)582-8660 
Brown, Stan BECO Dairy Automation (559)582-2566(559)582-5671 
Buckman, Delora Exeter Chamber of Commerce (559)592-2919(559)592-3720 
Buford, Marcie Marcie Buford (559)584-5335(559)583-0472 
Burger, Johnathon US Army Recruiting (559)582-9561 
Burlington, Laurie Adair & Evans- C.P.A.'s (559)688-0655(559)582-3307 
Bush, David Bush, David A. Inc. (559)584-1575(559)584-1591 
Butler, Dominique Comfort Inn (559)584-9300(559)584-0300 
Butler, Gina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (T/K) (559)734-6020(559)734-8208 

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